Etiquettes to Follow While Attending Funerals

There are certain very important etiquettes to be followed while attending a funeral ceremony irrespective of whether they are Christian funerals, traditional funerals or others. By showcasing these etiquettes, you’ll not just pay immense amount of respect to the deceased, but would also get acknowledged as a sensitive person. Here are some tips that can help you get through the funeral without causing any offence:

Always Arrive on Time

  • According to the professionals from different funeral parlours, arriving late in such an event could be really disrespectful for the deceased and his/her family.
  • Therefore, it’s a great idea to leave half an hour before your pre-determined scheduled time so that even if you face traffic, you could reach right on time.
  • In this regards, expert funerals professionals say that you should reach around 25-30 minutes before the mentioned time to let the family know that you have immense respect for the deceased.
  • Somehow, if you have made this mistake, try to be as quiet as you can be and wait until a break to speak with others.

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Dress with the Occasion in Mind

  • Experts from funeral parlours say that the dress you use in such events reveals a lot about your respect and love for the diseased.
  • Often, the dressing code to be used can be chosen along with funeral packages, but there are not hard and fast rules to follow.
  • This means that it’s not always necessary that funeral guests need to dress solemnly in black or monochromatic clothes.
  • But you need to follow the instructions and avoid wearing something vibrant, colourful and casual.
  • Experts say that in case you are confused, stay with black as it is still the safest colour; and formal wear for men and modest dresses for women are considered appropriate.

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